Small Camera Clamp Mount with Ball-Head:

This mount combines the best small clamp and ball-head I've found.

The clamp will hold solidly to tubing diameters from 15mm to 40mm (about 5/8" to 1 1/2") and the ball-head locks securely with just finger tightening. It hasn't slipped holding a GoPro-sized camera under any conditions I've been able to throw at it.

For an example of some "torture testing", look at this video of rough-road blokart® sailing. The mount is clamped to the left axle looking forward; you can see how stable it is as I bounce over rough asphalt, some junk on the ground, and plow though weeds.

The price is $30; US shipping is usually around $5.00.
Send me an e-mail or call if you're interested.

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