We don't generally stock a large selection of Viadana parts, but we can usually special-order anything from their catalog and get it in a week.

Contact us for pricing on special-orders. We can often offer a substantial discount.

Another good source for small parts orders is Viadana-USA. They stock most of the Viadana line and offer good prices with excellent customer service.

22mm Ball-Bearing Blocks:

(Note: prices do not include shipping)
10.50Single Block$9.00In Stock
10.51Single Block with Becket$11.12In Stock
10.54Double Block with Becket$26.21In Stock
10.56Triple Block$32.25In Stock
10.57Triple Block with Becket$34.24In Stock
10.64Triple Block with Becket and Carbon-Fiber Cam-Cleat$61.35In Stock

Other Parts:


29.35 - 15mm S.S. Snap Shackle

$8.34 + Shipping


29.36 - 23mm S.S. Snap Shackle

$11.97 + Shipping


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