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Mini-Skeeter iceboat John Eisenlohr has created a hot new iceboat/landsailer class he calls the Mini-Skeeter.

There are a number of them built as iceboats and John is taking his landsailer conversion to the ALC at Ivanpah.

Plans are available and there is a very active FaceBook group.

John has also uploaded a number of videos of both building and sailing the Mini-Skeeter to his YouTube channel.

Standard Products:


Mini-Skeeter Mainsheet Blocks
This is the mainsheet block configuration John designed for his Mini-Skeeter.
It consists of seven 40mm Viadana blocks (p/n 11.82) for the purchase and a 57mm ratchet-block (p/n 14.10) at the mast.
Click here for more information and photos.

$130 + Shipping

Custom Products:


We can assemble a custom mainsheet system using any blocks you want.

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